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Young Citizen of the Year - Sharon Jennings

Sharon is a committed Katherine local who goes out of her way to support the thriving sporting community. Aside from her full-time job Sharon spends all her spare time coordinating training events, attending club meetings, researching or doing administrative work and advocating for multiple sporting clubs in Katherine. Sharon has ties with the Camels Association, Katherine Netball Association and Katherine Rugby Union, some of which she actively plays on and assist with.

As part of her involvement with the Katherine Rugby Union Sharon can be commended on starting up the Womens rugby 7’s. She arranged coaches to train girls, some who have never played rugby before, she engaged the community, coordinated all registrations and insurances to ensure Katherine Womens Rugby was a legitimate Katherine sport.

Sharon volunteered hours of her time to coordinate a regional rugby 7’s tournament in Katherine, which brought together people from across the region including Darwin.

Sharon is a massive asset to the Katherine community, she has so much drive and determination and should be commended for her part to play in keeping the sporting culture in Katherine alive. She lives by the mentality of “if I don’t get in and do it, who else will?”. Well done and thank you Sharon.

"I was always brought up with the sense that these sports, organisations etc. can’t run without volunteers, so if I wanted to see these things happen or continue to happen I had to be apart of that. And I would rather volunteer all my time completely then see these sports discontinue.
I was roped into joining the KRU committee for the start of the 2018/2019 season, and I thought, yeah, why not? I’m down there most Friday Nights watching anyway.
The women’s rugby was something I started talking about when I joined the Committee back in 2018 as a way of hopefully bringing back more players to the sport.
I thought that if the ladies played, then their partners or kids would want to play too and it would have some sort of domino affect.
We started the ladies comp as a short 7 week comp in the second half of the 2018/2019 season and it has just grown since then. We have ladies message the KRU every week about wanting to join etc. I may have even strongly convinced some of my friends to play when they didn’t want too haha." - Sharon Jennings "Young Citizen of the Year 2020"

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